P1000154This is Shaly. She came to DermaCare because, in her own words, "I hated my skin. I had tried everything but nothing worked."

As you can see in waterblock.nl this before picture, Shaly's has raised, inflamed lesions and numerous pustules.













In this picture Shaly has just completed a series of DermaCare acne treatments. The treatments have left her skin smooth. All the lesions and pustules are gone. The only thing remaining are the red marks made by the once infected pustules.









This is a recent picture of Shaly after a series of peels specifically designed to fade marks and even out the complexion.

Now Shaly says, "I love my skin. And the thing I like the most is that I no longer have to think about it. Thank you DermaCare for giving me this confidence boost just before I started my freshman year in college."

Sincerely, Shalymar Wilson


Charlotte and Landon 1yrs old Charlotte and Landon 12yrs old

"I was showing my grandchildren pictures and came across this one of me and grandson Landon that was taken 11 years ago when he was about 1 years old.  I was astonished at how old my skin looked and that I had age spots.  I have only been going to DermaCare for a few years and could not believe the difference it has made in my skin.  I have received many compliments, but I always dismissed them as the polite comments of dear friends.  Now there was the evidence staring me in the face look and the unpleasant conclusion, only if I had started with DemaCare sooner what results would I be staring at instead!"

I am grateful for what I do have though, thank you.

Sincerely , Charlotte Henshaw

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